Yasmin Class Action Lawsuit To Pay Out At Least $110 Million

Yasmin Class Action Lawsuit To Pay Out At Least $110 Million

Great news for those involved in the Yasmin Class Action Lawsuit: pharmaceutical giant Bayer AG will reportedly pay out $110 million to settle 500 cases in the Yasmin Class Action Lawsuit.  These cases are called ‘bellwether’ cases, meaning they are just a small portion of the Yasmin Class Action Lawsuit by which lawyers use to gauge their client’s potential awards and winnings for damages incurred.  In essence, the $110 million to be split amongst 500 cases is a very good sign that million and millions more are to follow for those involved in the Yasmin Class Action Lawsuit.

There is still time for those who were afflicted by the prescription contraceptive (which was also prescribed for acne) to get in on the Yasmin Class Action Lawsuit.  But with this decision, it appears time may be soon running out.  If you or a loved one were prescribed Yaz or Yasmin and suffered from or are currently suffering from heart trouble, liver disease, kidney disease, pulmonary embolisms, deep vein thrombosis, stroke, high blood pressure or blood clots, you need to contact a lawyer immediately to have your case reviewed for the Yasmin Class Action Lawsuit.

Yasmin Blood Clots

This first round of payments coming from the German-based Bayer AG Company is centered on blood clots caused by the once wildly popular contraceptive.  Due to the way the manufacturers marketed the drug, covering up the potentially deadly side-effects while rushing the pill to market, victims stand to rake in a healthy payday, but at the expense of their health and possibly even lives.

But it’s not just blood clot victims that will be awarded damages and compensation.  Those suffering from heart attacks, strokes and any other number of ailments caused by taking Yaz or Yasmin all stand to collect at or above $220,000 per case.  This is the average reward per case so far to be paid out in the Yasmin Class Action Lawsuit settlement of $110 million.

Of course, this is not good publicity or business for the once great supergiant of pharmaceuticals.  Bayer, maker of the popular pain reliever by the same name, has dropped large percentage points in the stock market.  With fears raising that Bayer will lose more and more money as the Yasmin Class Action Lawsuit begins to actually get underway, it is no surprise why time is running out for you to get in on it.

Once the money is gone, the money is gone.

So far, more than 11,000 victims have lined up for the Yasmin lawsuits and each day more and more are added.  If you or a loved one has suffered any adverse side-effect from taking the prescription drug Yasmin, it is imperative that you act right now and have your case evaluated.

Where Can I Join The Yasmin Class Action Lawsuit?

Every second you wait is a second more that money you are owed may not be available.  Time is wasting and once the compensation money is gone, you’re on your own.  Click here  right now to find out how you can join the Yasmin lawsuit and get the money you deserve.


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